Modica chocolate

Don Cioccolato

We are a family-run business, specialized in the artisanal production of Modica chocolate. We respect tradition, but always look to the future, creating more than 150 chocolate flavors.

Why Don Cioccolato?
Handcrafted production

We follow old traditions. An ancient history that was left to us by the Spaniards of the 16th century AD.

Variety of flavours

Don Cioccolato combines tradition with innovation. We produce over 150 chocolate flavours.

Modica: UNESCO World Heritage City

Famous all over the world for its chocolate.

Modica PGI chocolate, which is obtained thanks to a particular and centuries-old “cold” process that gives it a grainy and crumbly texture. This typical product, in 2018 obtained the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) recognition from the European Union and is included in the register of traditional agri-food products.

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Don Cioccolato is an artisan laboratory specializing in the production of Modica chocolate and other typical local products